Chrome Mirror Nail Powder with Smooth Shimmer Shining Glitter Effect Pigment for Nail Art

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HIGH QUALITY, SALON GRADE POWDER - Shipped and Sold from USA Woman Owned Business where we test our products extensively. Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure a smooth glossy finish!
EASY TO APPLY - Our powders are very easy to use, allowing you to get salon quality manicures at home!
USED WITH GEL POLISH TOP COAT - Our unique formula activates the mirror effect only on Gel nail polish. If used with regular nail polish, you will get a glitter effect instead of chrome metallic effect.
METALLIC NAIL POWDERS ARE THE NEW HOT TREND IN NAIL ART! - Both the method of application, and the gorgeous results are the hottest new trend for manicures this season. These can be used personally, or professionally. That's how great the quality of our pigment powders are!
SHOW YOUR INDIVIDUALITY - Our powders can be mixed and matched to create unique results, perfect for everyone! They can be used with a black base for most dramatic results, or with a white or colored base, giving you many options!

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Be Stunning. Be You.

Pinky Petals® Nail Powders are the highest quality powders available, and are perfect for home or salon use. Other powders will only give you a glitter effect, while our powders are extremely smooth and offer the highest gloss possible. Each container has 1g of powder. A little goes a long way, so you will get many uses out of each jar.

Our powders are designed to be used with GEL POLISH TOP COATS, and they will only give the mirror effect when used with GEL POLISH. You can still use the powders with regular polish, but you will get a glitter effect, not a chrome effect.

Can be used safely with natural or artificial nails!


1. Trim cuticles, file and buff nails. Wipe clean.
2. Apply gel nail polish to nails. Black works best for dramatic results, but white and other colors can also be used. Cure under LED/UV Light.
3. Apply Gel Clear Top Coat. Cure under LED/UV Light.
4. Dip applicator sponge into color powder. A little goes a long way, so don't use too much. Evenly smear onto nail, rubbing back and forth until desired result is achieved.
5. Brush nails with makeup brush to remove any excess powder. Apply second coat of clear top coat to seal, and cure under LED/UV Light.

Experiment, and have fun with your nails!

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