Temporary Eye Tattoo 10 PAIRS - Transfer Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Stickers

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CUSTOMIZABLE - Pinky Petals® stick-on eye designs can be cut and customized to fit your eyes, so you can easily achieve the perfect look!
EASY TO APPLY - Our temporary makeup is applied quickly, and easily, simply by adding water to the paper backing. Your eye designs will appear in 30 seconds!
LONG LASTING AND GREAT VALUE - You will get 10 pairs of tattoos, 5 black designs, and 5 multi color designs. Our makeup art can last for multiple days before it starts to fade, so you can get more wear for your money.
GREAT FOR COSTUMES OR EVERYDAY USE - Our Temporary eye tattoos are perfect for halloween, masquerade balls, cosplay, festivals, concerts, or any type of costume. They can even be worn out on the town for a fun, creative look during the day, or a trendy look for the club!
SHOW YOUR INDIVIDUALITY - With our premium eye tattoos you can let your individuality shine!

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Be Stunning. Be You.

Intricate eye makeup designs are becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately, we aren't all professional makeup artists. With our Pinky Petals® Premium Temporary Eye Tattoos you can quickly and easily create a fun design that is perfect for you! Our tattoos can be used along with other eye makeup and glitters, as long as they are added AFTER the tattoo has been applied. With our 10 pack of tattoos you get 5 different black designs, and 5 different multi colored designs, so you will have plenty of tattoos that will help you to create the perfect look!


Masquerade Balls
Photo shoots
Or for fun everyday use!


1. Make sure eyes are 100% clean and free of any kind of beauty products.
2. Always shape, size, and apply the tattoo on closed eyes.
3. Never cut from the top or bottom line of tattoo pattern.
4. Stay outside of your inner eyes waterline (where your eyes naturally stay wet).
5. Thoroughly wet paper back. Wait 30-40 seconds before removing paper.
6. Once paper is removed, wet eyes again to smooth and seal tattoo.
7. Wait 5 minutes for tattoo to completely dry.
8. If using any other product over eye, make sure it is light and not too oily or greasy.

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